Description: Pandanus or Screw Pine
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Pandanus or Screw Pine

There are many types of Screw Pines. They make great landscape specimens and are very good container plants. They look great on a patio or within a pool screen. They give a very tropical and exotic look. If planted outside they will need cold protection on a hard freeze. But, they are very hardy in Sun or Shade, flooding or drought. Slow grower, but can be sped up with fertilizer and moisture.

I have Pandanus sanderi available in cuttings or potted plants. The "Sand Screw Pine" is either variegated or full green. I also have a very limited Pandanus utilis.



Product Pricing

Cuttings and potted plants available. Pricing is based on size of cuttings or size of pot. But, for a small cutting 5 bucks, bigger ones 25 bucks.

Potted plants are a little more. Easy to grow from cuttings. Can be found in area nurseries, but is rare.

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